Medusa Bay

by Valotihkuu

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"The newest Valotihkuu single - "Medusa Bay" - is based on a couple of reconsidered tunes from the 1990s Sega computer game, "Ecco the Dolphin." In essence, the game's core storyline once concerned the efforts of a magical dolphin to fight extraterrestrial forces, both in the ocean and in space... These efforts also involved significant time travel, as Ecco goes 55 million years(!) into the past, in order to find the original sources of both an alien threat and repeated ecological disaster. In the famous words of one concerned dolphin within the game, "Something terrible has happened, something very powerful." Travel to an imagined past will offer new ways to reconstitute the present. The fact that such games appeared during Valotihkuu's childhood only strengthens the significance of these fantastic, futural metaphors." ©


released July 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Valotihkuu Russian Federation

Valotihkuu's music is mixture of nature sounds with a variety of acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, tape loops, found objects and lot of childhood memories, which are carefully transferred into music.

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