Morning Calm

by Valotihkuu



"One approving Russian blogger speaks of "hypnagogic collages... and slow, formless compositions. We hear birdsong, the sound of waves, and the wind. These are almost field recordings. That doesn't mean an absence of instruments: there are plenty of synths and other electronic noises. Nonetheless, the music leaves an impression of something absolutely natural. Space is easily and unnoticeably filled with those same sounds; they become part of our environment." The tools and sonic traditions of others become something local.
Even the artwork of Valotihkuu's newest recordings operates in similar ways. We're offered a picture of some unfocused, shaggy, and soft field. The internationally cherished vagaries of hypnagogic pop are reproduced, albeit in ways that both invoke a Russian landscape (literally) and a local soundscape for Cherepovets' listeners (metaphorically). For all the dalliances with hip-hop, downtempo, lo-fi, or cassette music, something provincial endures - in the best, even ideal sense of the word. As commercial enterprise works hard to erase the differences between ages and audiences, these online musicians strive instead to find something vernacular. It remains unfocused, out of sight, and therefore precious. The sounds of minor, unique enterprise will persist amid the tumult of a global marketplace." ©

All music written & produced by Denis Davydov (aka Valotihkuu)

Thanks for the support! All funds will be spent to recording new albums (to purchase new instruments, recording gear and etc.)


released August 29, 2015



all rights reserved


Valotihkuu Russian Federation

Valotihkuu's music is mixture of nature sounds with a variety of acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, tape loops, found objects and lot of childhood memories, which are carefully transferred into music.

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