The Vision of Grim Waters

by Velkómnirheíma & Valotihkuu



"... Endless Ocean, gloomy and overcast, absolutely nothing on the horizon, and only the tip of the tower sticking out of an endless body of water. Complete silence. Giant waves fall on the muddy pitiful skeletons of civilization. "

Valotihkuu – guitar, processing, mixing, mastering, original idea
Velkómnirheíma – bowed guitar, guitar, processing, main concept

Cover photo by Wenzel Rollmann (nnamllor photography)


(in Russian)
"О треке: обложка к этому коллаборационному синглу очень точно передаёт всю его атмосферу - бездонные толщи ледяных волн, замысловато переплетающиеся в единое, титанически спокойное целое, не оставят равнодушными поклонников Hammock, Apparat, Дирка Серрье и жанра в целом. © TESSELLATE


released December 13, 2015




Valotihkuu Russian Federation

Valotihkuu's music is mixture of nature sounds with a variety of acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, tape loops, found objects and lot of childhood memories, which are carefully transferred into music.

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